Focus Learning is more than a school; it's a community built on the dream of making learning fun and exciting for every student. Our passionate instructors, dedicated staff and incredible students help make that dream a reality. We hope you join the family! 

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5-Star Reviews

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Classes Taught

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Our History

Founded in 2011, Focus Learning has been providing enrichment after school courses for over 10 years - from academic subjects such as English and Math, to extracurricular STEM courses in Robotics, 3D Printing, Coding, and Minecraft Education Edition, and to leadership courses such as Public Speaking and Young Entrepreneurs. Our summer camp programs began in 2015 and have since attracted campers from over 20 countries. We kept expanding and evolving our program to keep up with the continuing demands of today’s world and in 2020, transitioned to a full-scale e-Learning program, allowing our family of instructors to continue delivering dynamic and engaging classes students from around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, engage, and empower young individuals, igniting the love of learning by challenging them creatively and positively.

Three Pillars of FOCUS

Focus Learning is built on the pursuit of three foundational goals. These goals are our mission, our purpose and our promise to each and every one of our students.


We want to spark inspiration in each of our students, guiding them towards a newfound love of learning on their own terms. Our mission is to help our kids find the subjects that make their hearts sing and to build meaningful connections between their academic choices and the activities they love.


The last thing we want to do is to pull our kids away from their imaginations and into the classroom - our mission is to help students bring their imaginations into our shared world of learning. We believe that imagination and learning are keys to unlocking a passion for learning.


Our kids' dreams define them, but at Focus learning our desire is to go beyond the realm of dreams. We want to give your kids the tools to pursue their greatest dreams and build our shared future.

Our Team

While our teachers are the face and heart of Focus Learning, a lot of coordination and planning occurs behind the scenes to ensure effective, 'edutaining' e-Learning experiences.  That’s where these three talented ladies come in.

Shelly Zheng

Meet Shelly Zheng, the Founder and Director of Focus Learning and FocusOnline.  Shelly’s passion for education and learning is found in all reaches of Focus Learning, from attaining the best instructors to delivering the high-quality programming Focus Learning promises, and to coordinating and scheduling the 20+ programs Focus has to offer, she makes sure Focus Learning is continually progressing to remain the best enrichment program around!

Min Tao

Next is Min Tao, our Customer Experience and Operations Coordinator.  Min uses her talents to serve as a liaison between parents, teachers, students and staff, ensuring that Focus Learning is meeting the needs of our community.  Min keeps us honest and on track!

Maureen Conklin

Finally, and new to the team is Maureen Conklin.  Maureen’s unique background working with children in both educational and recreational environments gives her a fresh perspective on the programs Focus Learning has to offer in her roles as Education Program Manager and FocusClub Coordinator.

Our Teachers

The core of Focus Learning is our team of exceptional and qualified instructors who design deeply unique programs and deliver lessons with an unrivalled enthusiasm for learning.